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Abrasive blasting Campbells Creek

Abrasive blasting and sealing of Campbells Creek bed and breakfast

February 19, 2016

Central Victorian Sandblasting Services provided abrasive blasting following by protective sealing of a beautiful brick bed and breakfast in Campbells Creek. Abrasive blasting helps achieve a smooth finish on brick surfaces, retaining the colour and texture but refreshing the surface’s appearance. Protective sealing helps preserve the smooth surface and prolong its renewed appearance. It was...

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Show car painting project

Painting of show cars

December 10, 2015

Central Victorian Sandblasting Services loves the variety of projects we get to work on. This vintage show car project was definitely a highlight for our team. We provided spray painting services to get these show cars up to standard with a shiny new paint job. We can refresh so many different surfaces with our abrasive...

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Abrasive blasting of mining machinery

Blast and spray painting of mining trucks

September 19, 2015

Mining trucks are built for tough work, but they’re not immune to surface scratches, normal wear and tear and faded paint over time. Surface scratches can easily start to rust – and while a machine is in perfect working condition it’s best to have the paint job refreshed so the truck can continue performing at...

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Blast and spray painting bulldozer

Blast and spray painting of dozer

August 29, 2015

Does your dozer need some love? Blasting and spray painting is an effective way to make your bulldozer or other machinery look new again. If you are trying to sell your dozer, a blast and paint job will help make your machine appeal to potential buyers. While the functionality might work perfectly, if the outside...

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