Equipment Hire & Operators, Bendigo

Central Victorian Sandblasting has a range of small and large equipment and operators available for hire in Bendigo. All our drivers are licensed operators with many years of experience and our machinery and trucks meet occupational health and safety standards.

From bobcats to large excavators and trenchers, scissor lifts (EWPs) and post-hole diggers, we have the machinery for almost any job. All our services are available to the domestic, commercial and industrial industries, including private companies, mining companies, civil contractors and municipal councils.

Take a look at our other services: Abrasive blasting, spray painting and protective coating.

Bobcat Hire

For great rates on on bobcat hire and bobcat operators for your next project in Bendigo and central Victoria, contact Central Victorian Sandblasting Services. Our bobcat operators and bobcat hire service is ideal for tighter spaces, backyards and small to medium excavation jobs. ideal for small to medium projects, including lot clean ups, moving and...

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Excavator Hire

We have a fleet of excavators ranging in size with licensed drivers and excavator operators to make light work of your excavation project. Call us for great rates on excavator hire in Bendigo and Central Victoria. Excavators are a tough and durable piece of construction equipment ideal for: rock excavation land fill earthmoving excavations/demolitions land clearing site...

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Post-Hole Digger Hire

Digging holes is hard work and in the drought-prone areas of Central Victoria, digging down into the earth is almost impossible! Central Victorian Sandblasting Services has a range of serviced post-hole diggers for hire in Bendigo and other Central Victorian towns. Get your next fencing job done in half the time with a post-hole digger,...

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Scissor Lift EWP Hire

Scissor lifts or Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) are terrific for accessing difficult heights or awkward areas safely. Don’t risk injury or accidents with inexperienced scissor-lift operators or substandard scissor-lift machinery. Central Victorian Sandblasting Services has trained operators and serviced EWPs and scissor lifts for hire in Bendigo and other Central Victorian locations. Scissor lifts and...

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Tipper Hire

When you need a tip truck or tipper hire, phone us for great rates and experienced tipper drivers and tip-truck operators. We dispatch fleet throughout Bendigo and Central Victoria for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Tipper trucks are the ideal earthmoving equipment choice for medium to large-scale jobs. Tip-truck hire is perfect for landscaping, carting...

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Cherry Picker Hire

Central Victorian Sandblasting Services has an extensive excavation fleet for hire in Bendigo, including cherry pickers for hire. When you have a project that is off the ground or tricky to reach in parts, you will benefit from our tower hire service. The telescopic boom delivers unrivalled outreach work for almost any project. Cherry pickers...

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Trencher Hire

When you need to dig trenches for laying pipes, cable or drainage, our trencher-hire service will help you get the job done. For reliable equipment and qualified operators, call Central Victorian Sandblasting Services in Bendigo, servicing towns throughout Central Victoria. Trenchers will save an enormous amount of time and energy on your next excavation job. Our...

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