Scissor-Lift Hire & EWP Hire, Bendigo

Scissor lifts or Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) are terrific for accessing difficult heights or awkward areas safely. Don’t risk injury or accidents with inexperienced scissor-lift operators or substandard scissor-lift machinery. Central Victorian Sandblasting Services has trained operators and serviced EWPs and scissor lifts for hire in Bendigo and other Central Victorian locations.

Scissor lifts and EWP hire is useful for:

  • cleaning windows and buildings externally
  • branch and tree removal
  • construction work (at heights)
  • setting up events, stages and other structures
  • lighting projects.

If you have a high-reach project or job that needs attention, please contact Central Victorian Sandblasting Services – we will provide advice on the machinery you need to complete your project, and ensure it is dispatched in a timely fashion with our trained operators.

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