Sandblasting Services, Bendigo

“Sandblasting” is actually a practice which is no longer used but commonly referred to. Sandblasting is technically ‘abrasive blasting’, which we provide in Bendigo and across Central Victoria.

We’re happy to use the term sandblasting because we know it’s what people know and understand – and we like to keep things simple! Our sandblasting services include dry, abrasive blasting and wet or dustless blasting in Bendigo and district. We service an extensive area across Victoria, particularly focusing on the Central locations such as Bendigo, Ballarat, Castlemaine and more. Our other services include extensive equipment hire in Bendigo, including bobcats and excavators.

Indoor brickwork sandblasting

Abrasive Blasting

Central Victorian Sandblasting Services is based in Bendigo with two large factories, one of which is solely dedicated to abrasive blasting. We also offer a fully mobile operation specialising in on-site abrasive blasting and heavy industrial machinery. With Central Victorian Sandblasting Services you can depend on reliable service at competitive rates. We will service anywhere in Central...

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Dustless & Wet Blasting

Dustless or ‘wet’ blasting is just like regular abrasive blasting, but with liquid added. Liquid naturally traps much of the dust generated by the blasting process. This is better for the health and safety of workers, while requiring a much shorter clean-up time post-blasting. The addition of liquid makes the abrasive material more weighted, therefore reducing...

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